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Hey, welcome to this week’s blog! I’m here to give you my 3 top online tools for female entrepreneurs. Whether you already have a business or you’re just getting started, these tools are going to help you get organised and starting shout about what you do.

It can be scary when it comes to creating your first business. Knowing where to start is only half the problem. Having little tools and pockets of information when starting your journey can help it run so much smoother. Luckily you’re in safe hands and we’re going to run through the tools female entrepreneurs can use that to make it just a little easier.


Get organised! Organisation is going to help you keep on track to achieving your business goals. At That’s Her Business we use an online organisation tool called Trello. We’ve only been using this tool for a couple of months, but it’s been an absolute game-changer. For Gemma and I, Trello has made it much easier to communicate our ideas to each other and to keep on track of what tasks need to be completed.

But Trello is so much more! You can use it to set goals for yourself, manage finances, plan social media content – everything.

You can create cards with content ideas for each day, most of the time it’s two or three cards per day. These cards are your plan of action for the day. Here’s an example of one of our social media cards:

As you can see, we’re able to set tasks for each other and due dates. Once the task is complete, you’re able to tick it off and move on, if it’s not completed by the set date, you’ll receive a reminder from Trello so you don’t forget. If it’s just you, this can still work for a one-woman band. Trello helps you keep on top of what you need to do next for your business to progress the way you want it to.

Trello have a really useful tour that shows you exactly what you can do with their boards, lists and cards, check it out here.

Social media

Social media is completely FREE! If someone offered you a free cake, you’re going to eat it, right? So, why not use social media?

It’s a great way to get your message out there and attract potential clients or customers. You might think, I don’t know much about social media, I wouldn’t know where to begin. The truth is you don’t have to be an expert in social media, but understating some of the key social media functions and try to learn some basic marketing skills is going to really help you.


Research research research. To understand hashtags, you need to jump into the minds of your clients or customers. If your ideal client was searching for hashtags to follow on Instagram what would they search for? Take those answers and type them into your search bar. Look how many posts are being posted including that hashtag. For a small business, I wouldn’t recommend using tags that have millions of posts as it’s a quite crowded place to get noticed. However, having said that I wouldn’t go for the tags that have less than 1000 people posting in them.

Best practice would be to choose hashtags that have between 10k posts and 250K, this way your content is more likely to be found. If you have a look at some relevant hashtags that you may think fit, have a look at what others are posting under that tag. Make a note is it mainly quotes, photos of people, scenic photo’s etc. Then you’re able to use the hashtags on your relevant content.

A Business social media account

You might already have an Instagram account, but is it a business account? The great thing about the business account feature on Instagram is that you can track real-time data.

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In these images, you can see both insight buttons. The image on the left shows you insights for your profile, you’ll see if you’re gaining or losing followers, which post has the highest engagement, and how many accounts you’ve reached.

The button on the right-hand image lets you see the insights for that post. It lets you see where traffic is coming from, hashtags, profile, location. Keeping track of your insights is useful to understand if people like the content you’re producing. From this, you can make changes to the strategy. Last week we wrote a blog on content creation, so if you’re struggling with how to create content you should go check it out!

WordPress and Elementor

Get yourself a business website!

It’s important to think about getting a website because it sells your product or services around the clock (even when you’re snoozing through the night ?). Most importantly it’s going to give you an online presence.

An online presence is really important, it’s that first impression someone gets of your business and it helps you gain trust. So getting your online image right is crucial. But how to create a website? We prefer to use (and recommend using) a combination of WordPress and Elementor to create websites. Together these tools allow you to create stunning websites with all the features you need.


Firstly, WordPress is a content management system – this means it’s your website’s foundation. Your WordPress admin dashboard is where you’ll build your website and decide what goes on each page, like your homepage or your contact details.


Elementor is really easy to use tool that goes hand in hand with WordPress to add a ‘drag and drop’ builder to your site. This means that you can easily update your site, without having to learn any code at all. Using Elementor will also help you ensure your website is responsive and looks good across all devices.

The great news is, WordPress is open source (free) and Elementor also has a really good free plan too. To get your website online, you will need to register your domain name and sign-up for web hosting, which does have a small cost.

It’s worth noting that Elementor does have a PRO option with some extra tools so head to their website to find out which plan is right for you.

If you don’t fancy DIY, That’s Her Business work with busy female entrepreneurs on Brimful of Branding projects. Offering logo design, a custom 5-7 page website (with 1 year of Elementor Pro) and personal branding photography, Brimful of Branding helps you feel confident in your online presence without the stress. Get in touch to talk about your project today!

Lets wrap this up

There you have it, our top tools for female entrepreneurs. These are the things we use daily to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

What tools do you love to use? Maybe there’s a must-use tool we haven’t used yet – let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading ❤

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