30 blog post ideas for small business owners

30 small business blog ideas

So you’ve written your first couple of blogs and things are going well, but then you hit the dreaded inspiration wall. All of a sudden, you are completely unable to come up with any blog ideas for your small business. Don’t worry it happens to all of us once in a while

We are here to help though and we have done all the hard work for you (except actually writing the blogs, you still have to do that part!), here are 30 engaging small business blog ideas to get you started….

30 Small business blog ideas

1. Write an introduction

Welcome readers to your blog and tell them your story and what type of content they can expect to come from your blog. Our story was one of our first blog posts but it still gets hits from people looking to learn more about us.

2. Client/project case studies

Writing a case study about your most recent work or your favourite clients is a fantastic way to show off your skills and don’t forget to optimise for search engines too!

3. A day in the life

What does a day in your world look like? Bring your readers behind the scenes with a post about your daily life.

4. Frequently asked questions about your industry

FAQ posts are a great way to manage expectations with readers and potential clients, but they’re also the perfect search engine fodder. Do a bit of research and answer all the questions people are typing in Google about your industry. 

5. Beginner’s guide to [your industry]

A beginner’s guide or an ultimate guide post will build authority and position you as the expert. Cover everything your readers need to know to get started in your industry. Don’t forget clear call to actions and tell them where to go to learn more!

6. Tutorials – with or without video

If you use tools in your industry like Google Analytics or Dubsado, write a how-to guide! Tutorials are another great way to build authority and you can even add a video with your post (but don’t forget to include a transcript for search engines to pick up on).

7. News from your industry

Become the go-to place for updates about your industry! Or share any exciting news and give your two cents on the topic. Invite your readers to comment their thoughts on the information and your opinions.

8. Best of posts

A “best of” post can cover literally any topic. Talk about your best-performing blogs from the year, your best moments in business, the best websites of 2023, or your best (and worst) haircuts. Literally anything. Split the content out so you can go into detail about what made each one so good.

9. Listicle

Ah the blogger’s best friend. A listicle, like this one, is a blog post written in list format. You could write 10 easy steps to achieve something or 15 things you didn’t know about [your industry]…. The list goes on! Listicles are easier to digest than longer-form content and should be straight to the point. 

10. Interview series

You can interview anyone – your peers, clients, friends or your dog – you’ll create a tonne of content for your blog and the best part is someone else will write the majority of it – just make sure you’re asking engaging questions to get the best possible answers. Interview blog posts are particularly helpful if you’re link-building as you can ask the interviewee to share the blog post you create on their own blog and socials. This is a great way to get loads of small business blog ideas without too much stress!

11. Q&A series

Ask your readers to submit questions about your industry or niche and write a post or series answering them in detail. Q&A blog posts will help you demonstrate your expertise but also help your readers feel like they’re part of the conversation.

12. Tell a story

Storytelling is engaging! Use something that’s happened to you or someone you know that might be totally unrelated to your industry or niche but can be related back to a lesson learned or piece of advice.

13. Run a competition

Competitions can drive a huge amount of engagement and even email marketing sign-ups. Take it a step further and collaborate with another blog or business to bring even more new people to your website.

14. People who inspire you

Who do you look up to and why? What lessons have you learned from them? Writing a blog post about the people who inspire you most is an intimate look into your life and a great way to connect with your readers. 

15. Review products and services

We all search for product and service reviews online. Give your readers the run down of why you love (or not) a product or service. Make sure you go into great detail and include prices, how it works, pros and cons etc. 

16. Mistakes you’ve made

Writing a blog post about the mistakes you’ve made in your business or even just general life might feel excruciating but it’s the perfect way to show how much you’ve learned over the years and become relatable to your audience. Mistakes… we all make ‘em!

17. Bucket list

Got exciting plans or goals? Share them with your readers! This could be a fun list or a list of business-type things you’d like to achieve in the next five, ten or more years.

18. Well-being tips

Burnout has become a bit of a buzzword in the last few years but we can all appreciate a reminder to take a step back and look after ourselves to avoid it. How do you look after yourself in business? Tell us about your routine and well-being hacks in a detailed blog post.

Check out: How I cope with anxiety as a business owner

19. Industry-related podcasts

If you’re a fellow podcast lover, share your top 5 industry-related podcasts. What do they talk about and why do you like them? Be sure to let your readers know where they can check out the podcasts too.

20. Book recommendations

Similar to podcast recommendations write a blog post about all of your favourite books relating to your industry or niche. How would rate them and what was your key takeaway?

21. The hardest thing about [your job]

What do you wish your readers knew about your job? Writing about the hardest thing about your job is also a way to connect and share your experiences with others industry.

Check out: What’s the hardest thing about being a web developer?

22. Productivity tips

How do you get stuff done? Help your readers out by sharing your best productivity hacks and tips. You could do a play-by-play of your day or record some videos of each step – plus this will make great recycled content for your Instagram or TikTok followers!

23. Turn your best-performing social media content into a blog post

Turning your most shared social content into a blog post is an easy way to find topics to write about that people are actually interested in… but in a blog, you can expand on the points even further helping you build authority in your industry.

24. 10 things I wish I knew when starting my business

Similar to mistakes this type of post is relatable and brings huge value to your readers! No one gets it right starting out of the gate – share what you wish you knew when starting your business and how you might’ve done things differently. You could even tell a few stories… just don’t get forget to change names if there are some hairy details 😉

25. Number of lessons learned in number of years of business

I recently posted about 5 lessons I’ve learned in 5 years of business and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. It was lovely to reflect back on half a decade of joy – and occasional misery – of being a female web designer. It’s a mashup of a ‘mistakes’ blog post and ‘round up’ blog post, in the best way, and will work well if you create one for every big milestone you reach.

26. 5 reasons you need [your service]

When creating content, you should map out your customer’s journey to buying your product or service and understand which stages your clients go through before they buy. Writing about why your product or service is a must-have is a great way to interact with someone in the awareness stage when they’re still deciding whether or not you can help solve their problem.

27. Tools for your audience

Share your top 5 or even 10 tools with your audience. If you’re a make-up artist, this could literally be the brushes or make-up kits you use daily, or if you’re service-based try educating your readers on the software and digital tools you use. 

28. Press releases and mission statements

Ok, some people will say to copy and paste a press release or mission statement you’ve released to your blog and the job’s a gooden. But a press release is always written in the third person about your business, whereas a decent blog post is written from your own perspective. Your blog is the human part of your online presence – so why not cover the press release from a personal point of view? What story is your press release telling? How can you go into more detail? And don’t forget to use first person voice!

If you haven’t sent a press release yet, check out How to Write a Press Release [Free Press Release Template + Examples] by HubSpot

29. Bio yourself / your Founder

Write a mini biography to share your story with your readers. You can get much more personal with a bio rather than a company introduction or about page but you can also use this space to share your values and what’s more important to you. Don’t forget to link to the best articles you’ve written!

Here’s my bio: Gemma’s Story – Founder of That’s Her Business

30. Share your success!

Finally, this wouldn’t be your website if you didn’t toot your own horn now and again? Build your authority even further by shouting about your successes. If you’ve won an award or completed a successful crowdfunding campaign, show off your accomplishments. Cover what it is, why you did it, how you did it and what you learned along the way.

Read more to learn about increasing the visibility of your business, how to build your personal brand and how to rank on Google.

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