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Welcome To The Collective

Are you looking for freelance web design in Manchester? We know you crave total confidence in how your business looks to your potential clients, but you’re going around in circles with where to start… and you don’t really have the time to watch all the Youtube videos on building your own website. That’s where we come in!

Who are we?

We’re Gemma, Cass, Ellie and Amy — and we’re a collective. That means we’re four business owners who get together to do creative stuff… specifically creative branding and web design for you!

What do we do?

We’re multi-award-winning (oh yeah!) and we’re a climate friendly workforce. Meaning we’re ace at what we do and we’re funding tree planting while we’re doing it! In 2020 we won the Back Her Business Silver Award for our crowdfunding campaign Empowering Women In Business and we were accepted into the top 100 businesses in the UK by #SmallBiz100 (we got to celebrate in London for that one – very swish). In October 2021, our collective effort won us the IPSE Freelancer Collaboration Award for our signature offering, Brimful of Branding™, a super proud moment!

Based in Manchester and the North West, our style is playful and colourful… never boring. We help you launch your very own eye-catching website with strategic design, so you can showcase your personality and start booking in those ‘perfect fit’ clients!

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Meet Your Team Freelance Web Design Team in Manchester

Gemma Thirsk - Freelance Website Designer

Gemma Thirsk

Founder and Web Designer
That's Her Business

From heading up an in-house design team in her hometown to running her own branding and web design business, Gemma packs her extensive experience, creative brain, and pure love of strategic design to help women succeed whilst being unapologetically themselves.

Cassandra Lane - Freelance Personal Branding Photographer

Cassandra Lane

Personal Branding Photographer
Cassandra Lane Photography

With over 10 years’ experience and a 1st class BA Photographic Arts Degree, Cassandra has a passion for colour and loves creating eye-catching imagery whilst making her clients feel totally at ease in front of the camera.

Ellie Maguire - Freelance Branding Designer

Ellie Maguire

Branding Designer and Illustrator
Joyful Creative

A graphic designer and illustrator with over 3 years’ experience and a 1st class BA Graphic Design degree, Ellie loves using playful design and bold colours to help you showcase your authentic self and stand out from the crowd. 

Amy Killingbeck - Freelance Copywriter

Amy Killingbeck

Killer Copy

With a background in Law and over 10 years’ ‘side-hustling’ as a freelance writer, Amy now runs her own copywriting business helping creative and authentic business owners find their unique brand voice, transforming it into meaningful, engaging copy that sounds just like them and attracts their dream clients.

The lowdown: we’re not just creatives with the exact skills required to take a business owner from feeling a bit flat, to full clarity and confidence in how their business looks online – we’re also friends, mentors, doers, makers, cheerleaders, sisters – human. And we can’t wait to work with you!

What People Say About Us

Why That's Her Business?

freelance web design manchester

We are NOT an agency outsourcing work and charging you extra for the pleasure. Nope! As a collective, our services cost the same as they would if you worked with each of us individually, but you get the bonus of collaboration and communication (and people who LOVE working together). The best part is you’ll work with someone who knows their stuff in each area of your project which gets brought together seamlessly to create a banging (branding) package. No separate instructions. No back and forth. No communication headaches. It’s a win-win!


Not booking the clients you want to work with and wearing all the hats but not actually getting anywhere is exhausting! Our service is built around helping you feel confident being yourself in business and attracting clients you love, so you can crack on with what you do best.


There’s not much point in investing in professional branding just to undo all the hard work with a glitchy DIY website and meh-level stock images. Our Brimful of Branding™ package means you have all the (amazing) branding assets you need and a website that works. No compromises here.

Manchester based

We’re designers and photographers based up North! You’ll find our HQ inside a shipping container at Pollard Yard and we work remotely across Manchester and the North West. The way we work means our fees don’t need to cover fancy office buildings and team away days. It’s just us and our Northern charm and we’re ready to welcome you into our girl gang.

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What We're All About

We want you to know and communicate your values to your clients, and we want you to know ours too!

Branding For Women


We are real people with real businesses. Honesty and transparency are at the heart of what we do, and we won’t beat around the bush.

Branding For Women


We vow to support women working for themselves and help you grow so you can live the life you choose.

Branding For Women


We believe growth comes through helping and supporting each other. Collaboration feeds creativity!

Are we your kind of people? If so, we can create the website and branding of your dreams! Let’s work together.