Brimful of Branding Package

Are you ready to launch your website and start booking clients... WITHOUT wasting all of your time trying to DIY?

We are here to build a brand and website for you, the female entrepreneur.

You know you should have a beautiful website that attracts your dream clients and shows off what you can do, but you've no idea where to begin.

As a female entrepreneur, building your brand and getting your content OUT THERE is essential, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and just downright distracted by all the options.

You're wondering...

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine, what if you could...

Introducing Brimful of Branding

The full branding and website design package for you, the service-based female entrepreneur. Ok, we hear you, you’ve seen the logo/website combo before, and you’re thinking “what’s different about this?”. We’ll tell you…

With a website specifically for female entrepreneurs, you will gain:

Access to our exclusive workbooks and ebooks, reaching full brand clarity. Know your brand’s story inside and out.

Your brand visuals done for you. That’s your logo design, fonts, colours and the kitchen sink, along with a branding blueprint so you’ll know exactly how to use your new brand toolkit in the future.

A beautiful website… that works! You’ll stop going around in circles trying to figure out new software and start booking clients.

A huge bank of images to use for ANYTHING you want. Social media? Done. Brochure? Done. This year’s Christmas card? Done.

Confidence in how your business looks online and be growth ready…

What's in the Box?

Extras can be added to your package including, but certainly not limited to, additional photoshoot locations, collateral design (think business cards and stationery), or adding eCommerce to your website. We can even help you hire a trusted copywriter if writing isn’t your strong point.

female entrepreneur branding and web design

How does Brimful of Branding Work?

The prep work

We’re currently booking launches 2-4 months in advance, allowing us to offer monthly payment options, and giving you plenty of time to complete the prep work. We’ll start with a brand discovery chat with Gemma. These take roughly 1hr each. This session builds an excellent foundation for the rest of our work together – you’ll gain access to our Brand Clarity workbooks, client portal and put plans in place for your project. Once we begin working together, the turnaround is roughly 6-8 weeks.

WEEK 1-2

Week 1 is the time to create your brand’s assets and visuals with Ellie, our brand designer. Based on the prep work and what we learn about your brand’s story, Ellie will begin creating initial ideas and concepts. Once solid ideas are formed, Ellie will share these with you in a call for some feedback.

Smile! The beginning of your project is also the time for your branding photoshoot with Cassandra, our personal branding photographer. A shoot full of laughs and fun will see you showcasing your brand to the fullest with plenty images to use across your website and social media.

WEEK 3-4

Cassandra will edit your images while you work with Ellie to develop your visuals further. You’ll create your social media graphics and lead magnet.


With your images and newly designed branding in hand, Gemma will begin creating your website that will leave you feeling truly confident in how your business looks online.


Final feedback, tweaks and testing


We’ll deliver your assets and complete your website training. You’ll have a bank of images, logo files and branding blueprint, as well know exactly how to update your website when you need to. We make sure that you have everything you need to keep building brand.


Get your party pants on… it’s time to go live! Let’s start attracting and booking those clients.



That's Her Business

Gemma Thirsk
Founder / Web Designer

Cassandra Lane
Personal Brand Photographer​

Ellie Maguire
Brand Designer

Hey! We are That’s Her Business—a collective born in 2019 to empower women and support your service-based business through branding and web design.

But what does that mean for you?

Each of us is a female entrepreneur in our own right, running businesses in our area of expertise AND that’s why it works so well… branding and website design is what we do, day in, day out. The Brimful of Branding package brings together the best bits from each of our businesses with one purpose, to help you stop wasting your time trying to DIY and gain the clarity you’re craving.

Everything we do echos our values – we want to give every female entrepreneur confidence. From the prep work to your website going live, we’re here for you.

We don’t just offer a done for you package and send you on your way. It’s a learning curve too, and we’re here to put the first steps in place AND teach you what we know, so you can use our skills going forwards. Plus, we like to have loads of fun along the way!

We cannot wait to get to know you…

Brimful of Branding is PERFECT for you if you're a serviced-based female entrepreneur doing your own thing, and you're ready to up your branding game and be rid of website overwhelm once and for all.

Not sure if Brimful of Branding is right for you?

This is for you if:

who it's not for:

Client Love

Got Questions?

If you’re ready to start planning your launch then, yes! Absolutely. You will have plenty of time to polish your idea before going live, and our prep work is ideal for helping you get into the nitty-gritty of what you want to do and why. Then we’ll help you communicate this to your tribe!

Yes, you’re the expert in your business – we’re the experts in branding it. We’ll work together to learn what it is that makes your business, and your people, tick and turn it into the brand and website of your dreams.

Ok, we know running a business includes doing A LOT – but we think you’ll have time for this. It’s easy to complete, it’s fun, and it’s going to help you stop spinning your wheels. We’re currently booking clients up to 2 months in advance, which means there’s plenty of time to complete the prep work.

Girl, no way! We love Insta as much as the next person but get this, you don’t own Instagram. That’s an issue for so many reasons – mainly because you can’t customise it anywhere near as much as you can a website… everybody’s page looks the same. Now imagine what would happen if you built your brand on Insta and you woke up tomorrow to find it was down? Worse still, what if the powers that be take it away for good? Anyone remember MySpace? As a female entrepreneur you absolutely need a website, it’s your corner of the internet – the place where your audience sees you, and only you.

Yes! We combine Elementor, a drag and drop tool for web design, with aftercare support and tutorials. We’ve got you, and we’re not letting go. You’ll be able to reach us for any questions too – put the kettle on and fire up Zoom!

Nope, we are completely transparent with our pricing. All you’ll need to do before hand is purchase your domain and hosting and register them in your name so the website is entirely yours. This is part of our prep work process so if you haven’t done it before then don’t panic, we’ll walk you through it step by step and make sure you have everything you need. We also offer a list of additional extras but these are not necessary, you only add them on if you’d like to. We’ll happily show you our extra list during your consultation and answer any questions.

When YOU are at the centre of your business and brand, personal branding shots are crucial. Your happy smiling face is going to bridge the gap from screen to client so that you can connect with your audience on a deeper level. We know standing in front of a camera isn’t everyone’s favourite thing in the world BUT Cassandra, of Cassandra Lane Photography, is going to make you feel at ease. She’ll come prepped with her creative shot list, so all you have to do is smile and relax. You’ll enjoy 2hrs of chats and giggles, and you’ll be wondering when you can book the next one. Seriously, we’re talking from experience here.

We work remotely for everything we do except the photoshoots, and we’re all based in Manchester. You are ALWAYS welcome to come and join us here, photoshoot booked or not! If you’re a bit of a home bird or you’ve got a stylish new office you’d prefer to show off, wahey it’s a THB road trip! There are some minor additional costs for travel outside of Manchester, so just mention this during your consultation, and we can start planning our girls day out with you.

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