Brand personality queens: 7 business women you need on your team

7 business women you need on your team - brand personality queens

We have searched far and wide to assemble the ultimate team of business women who are based in the North-West… and obsessed with brand personality. So look no further, if you are building a brand and feel like you are missing something, I can almost guarantee that you will find that missing piece somewhere in the list below. Let’s get cracking…

Cassandra Lane Branding

A screengrab of Cass' website shows 'Vibrant and colourful personal branding photography in Manchester packed with personality'

Building a brand means you are going to need some images to support it. Headshots for your about section, background images for your main pages, social media, what about seasonal photos? Cassandra Lane Branding has you covered.

A collection of colourful and on brand photos helps to build your brand personality and more importantly, it showcases the most important part of your business, you.

‘Vibrant and colourful personal branding photography in Manchester. Packed with personality.’

We’ve been working closely with Cass for a few years now and she always delivers the goods. From a personal perspective, I don’t really like being in front of the camera but when the time came to get some headshots and other bits for the website, Cass made me feel really at ease. You can read my full review on her Google reviews – hint: I gave her 5 stars.

Killer Copy

A screengrab of Amy's website shows 'Website copywriting and ghostwriting. Killer Copy for the dreamers, the visionaires, and the changemakers.'

Another crucial aspect of building your brand personality is nailing your tone of voice, are you the helpful friend or the eccentric aunt? Either way, Amy at Killer Copy will find the perfect words to get your message across to the people who need it most!

‘Killer Copy® for the dreamers, the visionaries, and the changemakers’

Amy is the go-to copywriter for our signature Brimful of Branding packages and regardless of the project, she always manages to provide us with properly Killer Copy.

Did we mention that Amy is a published ghostwriter as well? She really is the whole package!

Hello Katy

A screengrab of Katy's website shows Katy in a green suit vibing in her bold af design studio

Sometimes you just need to be BOLD right? If you need branding that sends a message, makes a statement and most importantly, stands out. Hello Katy is where you need to be. With Katy’s signature brand of boldism making her an obvious choice for your brand personality needs.


She has worked with some huge names and always manages to create something truly unique and stand out. Katy is passionate about her design and has a unique way of bringing a brand’s personality to life, in a loud, in your face kinda way.

That’s Her Business

A screengrab of Gemma's website shows 'Show off your personality and tell your story with creative branding and website design.' There's an image of a hand holding up a sign saying 'Welcome to the collective'

Shameless self-plug alright?

If you like the sound of everything that you’ve read so far and you wish that there was some way to roll all of the above into one magical package with some website wizardry thrown in for good measure?

Enter That’s Her Business, taking the best parts of all the amazing women that were previously mentioned and then adding a hefty serving of website design from Gemma to make your website look (and work) like you imagined in your dreams. How could it ever get better than that?

‘Ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight with your all-singing and dancing branding and website?’

Oh and I make myself useful by doing the SEO stuff and sending out the occasional newsletter to help other small biz owners to get their own SEO in order. Sound good? Find out how you can SEOyourself.

Oh So Specials

A screengrab of Jess' website shows a picture of Jess smiling cheekily on a lilac background.

Branding goes beyond the digital, you gotta get that brand into the physical world as well! Jess from Oh So Specials can transform any space with her amazing illustrations and custom hand lettering.

‘Is there anything better than seeing a once blank wall take on a whole new personality and set a whole new scene with fabulous artwork?’

Does your office space need a glow up? Sick of staring at the same boring old white walls? Or maybe you have an outdoor space that needs some colour therapy? Get Oh So Specials on the job! Jess offers custom painted murals for businesses and communities across the North West.

Not only can Jess’ work make a boring space something much more bright and colourful, her murals are a great way to bring your branding to life in the real world! Ready to get your business noticed and draw in a crowd? No matter what size the wall or building, Oh So Specials will create an eye-catching mural that will get the attention of everyone who passes by.

Hey Social Beings

A screengrab of Natty's website shows 'Hey Social Beings. All things social media for your business.' on a turquoise, yellow and lilac patterend background.

Social media continues to be a crucial part of building a strong and consistent brand identity so it is an important thing to get right. The thing is..managing your business social media can feel like a whole job on its own, but then how do you have any time left to do your actual job? Sounds like you need Natty from Hey Social Beings to revitalise your social strategy.

‘…nailing tone of voice comes naturally to me and I’m obsessive about getting to know their businesses’

Maybe your socials just need a bit of TLC with an audit or maybe you need Hey Social Beings to take control and be your full-time social media guru. Either way, they are here to help you get the most out of your social media strategy with a bespoke package that works for your business.

A Branch of Holly

A screengrab of Holly's website show's Holly sat smiling against a plain neutral wall and the text reads 'Let's build a business that supports our life, not one that takes over it. It's time to go from busy to boss.'

Having a good business plan can be the difference between a successful business that works for you and one that feels like it is dragging you down.

A Branch of Holly provides business coaching that makes sure that you have a well thought out business plan for the long term but also that it is sustainable and works for YOU.

‘You don’t need to do this on your own anymore, boss…’

No one size fits all approach’s here. Holly’s goal is to make sure that small business owners are making the most of their limited time and getting the most out of their business. From 90-day planning to mindset work… Holly will nothing short of change your life.

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