COVID-19 Update from That’s Her Business 18/03/20


Hi all,

Firstly, I would like to thank those who have invested in or shared That’s Her Business’ Crowdfunder so far – I am overwhelmed by the response and the amount of support received.

I have been taking some time to think about this project and how I see it playing out over the next few weeks. I have become increasingly aware that times are changing quickly, and many small business owners are being placed in uncertain positions. Of course, in current circumstances, it feels odd to be asking for people’s hard-earned pennies to support this dream, although we have only just begun to get started.

So, after careful consideration and lots of planning, I have taken the decision to continue with the effort to Crowdfund That’s Her Business however, I will be making some substantial changes, in the hopes I can use this opportunity to support as many small female-led businesses as possible in continuing to make a living doing what they love.


We initially pledged to give away 1 x The Full Package for every £2k raised.

From this point onwards, we will give away 1 x The Full Package for every £1k raised, using this amount to cover the cost of our freelance collaborators. When the full target is reached, this will mean we will have given away at least 3 entirely free branding packages, with the potential for more if we can ‘stretch’ our target further. 

This is open to all female-led businesses, whether just starting up or growing. We will design or update your logo and website, as well as shoot professional images of you and your team – giving you the best possible online presence. Entries are welcome to be purchased by anyone and gifted to an inspirational woman who you believe deserves to benefit from one of these prizes.

All entries claimed previously will be entered into our first draw and will be announced by the end of this week.


From this point onwards, all pledges regardless of amount will gain entry into the competition. I am also looking to add additional rewards that will be useful to business owners in current times – suggestions are very welcome.


Finally, the original plan was to build a support network of female business owners after the Crowdfunder was complete.

I believe that business owners, myself included, need business and emotional support now more than ever, so I am bringing the formation of this group forwards to today.

If you are a female freelancer or small business owner, please request to join our group for advice and general cheering each other on! Or pass on the details if you know of someone who could benefit from this kind of network.

The group can be found here and I will begin accepting members this evening.

Full details of the Crowdfunder campaign can be found here and I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for your support.

The more support this campaign receives, the more support is passed to our freelance collaborators (who right now have not been promised any kind of business help from the government) and the more we can all come together as a group and support many, many female-led businesses.

As always, be kind to one another and shop with your local businesses. They need you.

So much love to you all,

Gemma x

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