Female Empowerment Coach Branding and Web Design – Lilith Your Life

We were so excited to work with Marie and certainly were not disappointed! Lilith Your Life is a beautifully open place for women to explore themselves and discuss sex openly. Marie is an incredible woman with incredible life experiences – she has a truly captivating energy. Our team proudly helped her create the empowering and cheeky brand she desired with branding and web design for women.

We highly recommend checking out Lilith Your Life and particularly reading “Lilith’s Story” – a story we bet you’ve never heard before.

About Lilith Your Life

Marie helps women reclaim their sense of self and their feminine power through transformative coaching. Providing a safe and fun space for women to explore, connect and align their lives with their true needs and desires: SEX, SPACE, SOUL and SEARCH.

Lilith Your Life’s USP

Lilith Your Life provides transformational coaching for women wanting to reclaim their sexual selves and feminine power. Marie is the USP, her unique experiences and approach is what makes her stand out from other in the Female Empowerment Coaching industry. 

Lilith Your Life’s Branding Goals

In the next few years, Marie will be growing her life coaching business, working with a small but committed group of female clients. She’ll be writing and publishing her first novel (how exciting!) and working on creating a holistic platform advocating for women’s needs and desires.

Here’s what Marie said about her Female Empowerment Coach branding and website design

When I first googled “female web designers for female entrepreneurs” a few months ago, I was amazed to land on That’s Her Business website – welcoming, inviting and looking exactly like what I was after. Fast forward a couple of months later, I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful website designed by That’s Her Business, which perfectly captures the essence of my business. Working with That’s Her Business has been a total joy and a seamless process: they really are a true collective, supporting women’s businesses with a positive and can-do attitude. I would highly recommend using them. I’m definitely planning on staying in touch and look forward to further collaboration

After her project, Marie signed up for our Tech Support plan for WordPress maintenance and to keep her content fresh and up to date.

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