Good Karma Club – Female Entrepreneur Branding Case Study

Case Study: Good Karma Club Website and Branding

Female Entrepreneur Branding: A Case Study – Good Karma Club

In August 2020, we worked with Good Karma Club on a female entrepreneur branding project. After a couple of chats to discuss the project, Rugi, Founder of GKC, opted for one of our Brimful of Branding packages.

I love Brimful packages so so much! It’s so exciting to work with a client from start to finish to make sure they nail their branding the first time. Here I’ll show you the process and the finished result for Good Karma Club.

Why is Female Entrepreneur Branding Important?

The process of branding involves carefully creating your clients’ experiences when they interact with you, to help guide their expectations and the feelings they have about you and your business.

As a female entrepreneur, branding yourself or your business is important as it allows you to connect with your target audience and help them see the value you in working with you.

The Process

A Brimful of Branding project is an excellent starting point when branding a business because it includes everything needed to get off to the best start online.

In the first instance, I had a chat with Rugi, and we talked in detail about brand discovery and strategy. This is not only the most important part of any branding project but an inspiring and exciting phase too. It was so much fun to talk to Rugi about her target audience and her plans to create a safe space for all to talk about mental health. We chatted about how this may translate into a voice, and a personality and Rugi got all of this down in the provided workbook, as part of the Brand Clarity series.

Logo Design

The next step was to begin researching and carefully designing GKC’s visual identity. While this was a female entrepreneur branding project, we kept Rugi’s target audience in mind while pulling together the options.

This phase begins with research, then moves on to sketching and doodling and eventually moves the computer where the concepts are finalised digitally. As we’re working during a pandemic, I jumped on a Zoom call to present the concepts to Rugi and walked her through effectively evaluating the designs.

We actually ended up moving quite far away from the initial concepts during the revision process and opted for a classic look. It is at this point where we test many different colour palettes to find the perfect match.

Personal Branding Photography

No female entrepreneur branding project is complete without a personal branding shoot! Rugi visited our office in Ancoats, Manchester and the shoot went ahead socially distanced and mostly outdoors in Summer.

Cassandra Lane Photography worked on the shoot, and as always the images came back full of colour and relaxed. You can see some examples of the images below. Rugi received 40 or so images to use across her website and socials.

Website Design

After the visuals were perfected, it was time to work on GKC’s website. The online shop window! Rugi needed a beautiful and functional website for her clients to find the resources they were looking for as easily as possible.

We helped Rugi create the content and lead generation aspects of the website with our Copy and Content workbook, and then we set about designing!

The website was created using WordPress and Elementor and handed over with a training session so Rugi can add extra resources in the future.

Female Entrepreneur Branding: A Case Study – The Finished Result

I’ve included images below of each finished aspect of Good Karma Club’s branding project. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Mockup of Good Karma Club's female entrepreneur branding. Image shows GKC's logo (Hamsa hand with lotus) and colour palette (green and pink) on a gold clipboard, surrounded by flowers.
Mini Branding Board fo GKC
Rugina, Female Entrepreneur, during her personal branding photoshoot. Rugi is stood in front of a red brick wall facing away from the camera but looking back over her right shoulder. She is wearing a black hoody with the GKC logo (Hamsa hand with lotus) on the back.
Rugi – The Female Entrepreneur herself! Wearing her GKC branded hoody.
Female entrepreneur branding blueprint for GKC. Pages are set out in a flatlay and text is unreadable.
Full branding blueprint for GKC, covering everything from how to use the logo, colour palette, image styling and more.
A mockup of Rugi's branding and website design in mobile view. The website is shown on an iPhone XR laid on a desk. Next to the phone are pink glasses and Pantone swatches used in the branding process.
Lead generation on the mobile version of GKC’s site
Rugi enjoying her personal branding shoot in Ancoats in Manchester. In the background is a disused gas works. Rugi stands in the middle of the road facing the camera, smiling widely. Rugi is wearing a white top and a black hoody.
The personal branding shoot took place in Ancoats, Manchester
A mockup of Rugi's branding and website design on a laptop. The website is shown on a Macbook. Next to the laptop are pink glasses and two catci.
Female entrepreneur branding – The About Page
Rugi taking a tea break during her personal branding shoot. She is sat in a black office chair and looking to the left of the photo. She is wearing a white long sleeved top and holding a turquoise mug of tea. In the background is a desk and laptop.
Tea break!
The first mockup of Good Karma Club's website during the female entrepreneur branding process. Image shows the website header and logo (Hamsa hand and lotus flower) with website content underneath. Content is unreadable.
First mockup of the Good Karma Club homepage
Rugi sat down enjoying her personal branding photoshoot. She is smiling at the camera with her feet out of front of her, wearing pink jumper with 'Self Love' slogan, black jeans and grey slippers. Rugi is holding a pencil, notepage and turquoise mug. In the background are silver lockers.
Self love – Our personal branding shoots are fun and relaxed

If you’d like to find out more about branding your business, have a read of our Building a Brand blog or check out Brimful of Branding packages. You can also catch up with us or fire us any questions our way on Insta @thatsherbusiness.

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