How do I set up a business email address?

how to sign up for web hosting with siteground

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One of the top questions we get asked the most is ‘how do I set up a business email address?’

If you remember a few weeks ago we wrote a couple of blogs about choosing your a domain and setting up web hosting, these posts have tonnes of information about what you need to do before setting up your business email address so have a read of them and then come back here once you have your hosting account set up.

What you’ll need

This guidance is based on signing-up for hosting with SiteGround [affiliate]. We choose to work with Siteground as in our experience, they’re the best. Take a look at our blog on web hosting to see why we recommend Siteground to our readers. It’s worth noting that the steps included here may differ slightly when trying to set up a business email address with other hosting providers.

Once you’ve selected which package you’d like with SiteGround [affiliate], you’ll be able to create your business email address, and all Siteground packages include this feature – yay!

Step by step guide to set up a business email address:

  1. To set up your business email address, log into your Siteground dashboard and find the Websites tab.
Screenshot of Siteground dashboard you will enter when setting up business email address

2. Find the website / domain you want to set up a business email address for and select ‘Site Tools’

3. Once inside the Site Tools dashboard, find and select ‘Email Accounts’ – this will either be in your Pinned Tools at the top or in the menu on the left hand side

Screenshot of Siteground dashboard you will enter when setting up business email address

4. This will take you to a page where you can set up a business email address. You’ll need to add an account name and a strong password. Your account name is the bit that comes before your domain, e.g. hello@ info@ maddy@ sales@ etc.

5. Press create and you’re done! Your business email is good to go.

How to Access Your Business Email Address

Once you’ve set up your business email, you can access it in a few different places. You’ve got webmail, on your computer or on your phone (or any other device with a mail app).

Access via Webmail

To access your business email via webmail, all you have to do is press the three dots menu, select ‘Log in to Webmail’ and your Webmail will open in another tab. From here you can send, receive and organise your emails. Don’t forget to add your webmail URL to your bookmarks so you can access it at any time.

Screenshot of Siteground dashboard you will enter when setting up business email address

Access via Third-Party app on your computer or smartphone

To log in to your business email on an app like Outlook or Mail on your computer or smartphone, you’ll need to grab your account’s manual settings. On the three dots menu, select Mail Configuration and then Manual Settings.

Screenshot of Siteground dashboard you will enter when setting up business email address

When you open your app, you will be able to add a new IMAP or POP3 account and use these settings to log in – Siteground have two really helpful blogs on this, check them out:

Set Up Email on Your Phone

Set Up Email on a Computer

If someone new joins the team later down the line you would repeat this process again. Now you’re all done, you’ve set up a business email address!

P.S. If you learned something let us know in the comments!!

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