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With Google’s March update, they delisted a large number of websites that were creating huge amounts of spam content using AI. The purpose of these spam websites were to trick the Google algorithm into ranking them highly. Google has always taken a tough stance on websites that try to manipulate SEO results and its seems this is the same. It shows what Google’s stance is on AI generated content and suggests that they are likely to look less favourably at it in the future.

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At the start of March, Google took a tonne of websites down from their search results. The reason? Well, Google said it was part of their crackdown on ‘low quality’ and ‘spammy’ content. Really, it was the beginning of the end for AI-written spam articles.

Here is what Google had to say about the update:

‘This update involves refining some of our core ranking systems to help us better understand if webpages are unhelpful, have a poor user experience or feel like they were created for search engines instead of people.’

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Now you might be thinking, how is this relevant to me and my website? Truth is, right now it isn’t. The type of websites that are being targeted and removed by Google are mainly spam websites, recycling mass amounts of content from the internet and providing little to no useful, new content. However, it might be the start of something (and I think it is).

AI has made it easier than ever for spam websites to create ungodly amounts of useless, recycled content. It can clog up search results and leave users frustrated. Now, Google are pretty good at keeping their users happy so they have started changing their search algorithms to essentially get rid of these sites.

Right, so how is this relevant to you? Well if Google are getting rid of recycled, AI-generated and let’s face it, shit content. What is going to do well? User-generated content that is helpful and valuable. The kind of content that YOU need to be putting out there.

Right now, Google is only getting rid of websites that are 100% pure spam. But I think, as time goes on, they will get more and more strict with their policies towards low quality, AI content and give more rewards (and higher rankings) to the good stuff.

You might feel like the blogging ship has sailed and it’s too late for you to get into it but now is a great time to start a blog! A wave of AI-generated crap content has made well-written, useful content more valuable than ever.

What do I need to do next?

Nothing for now. As long as you are creating a consistent stream of fresh and useful content for your users, you are good. Right now Google is only targeting websites that are using AI to create huge amounts of content with the goal of manipulating search results. You aren’t doing that so no worries.

For me, this was a huge indication of Google’s current stance on AI generated content and how they are likely to look at it in the near future. AI can’t create any of its own content, rather it just uses information that is already out there and repackages it, with nothing useful of its own to add. For now, at least, Google is going to prefer something original and human-generated. So that’s where the opportunity lies for your content creation!

If you are looking to get started writing blog content, or if you already have content that doesn’t seem to be helping you. Read our article – How to get your website content to stand out in a sea of AI-generated crap for some top tips on how to get the right eyes on your content.

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