We’re making changes to our Tech Support plans

Our website maintenance plans are now well on their way to 2 years old without an update.

A lot has changed in that time – we’ve gained a Jack (thanks so much for welcoming him with open arms 💗). We’ve also got better and quicker at what we do, with many more of you on the plans!

So it’s time for a well overdue tweak to bring our Tech Support plans up to date with where the biz is today and make sure you’re getting the most out of your monthly support.

Tech Support plans become Website Maintenance plans

🤑 Prices for our current customers are not changing (but prices have changed for new customers.)

🪙 We’re moving to a credit-based system. To keep it simple: 1 credit = 1 task up to 30 mins.

🙏 Instead of your free hour of content management time expiring each month, each of your credits will be valid for 6 months.

⚙️ You’ll submit tech support requests via this form.

🔥 Website Maintenance will still be included as standard, however, you’ll be able to use your credits for any task, instead of a predefined set of tasks set by us (e.g. content ideas or keyword research – although both of these are still available if you’d like them!).

You can read the full breakdown of our new website maintenance plans for 2024.

How many credits will I get?

We’ve increased the price of our plans, however, you’ll continue to pay the same price you pay now. To make sure you’re still accessing the same level of support, we’ve given each plan additional credits. You can see how many credits you’ll get based on what you currently pay below:

  • £15 website hosting clients will stay on the same plan [new customers will join with £20 per month hosting]
  • £49 Tech Support clients will transition to Core Care ⚙️ with 2 credits per month
  • £79 Tech Support + SEO clients will transition to Website Wizardry 🪄 with 3 credits per month
  • £150 Tech Support + SEO clients will transition to Beyond Brilliance ✨ with 6 credits per month
  • £250 Tech Support + SEO clients will transition to Beyond Brilliance ✨ with 10 credits per month

How long do credits last for?

Currently, you get your hour of content management time each month and if you don’t use it, it expires. We don’t like that.

With the new credit-based system, each credit will last for 6 months from the date you purchase it. So, you can stack your credits up and cash in a few changes. It also means you can have a month off here and there without losing out. Much better!

What’s happening to the SEO part of my plan?

For clients who pay £79 or higher, we currently perform a set of tasks to help you with your SEO efforts. We’ve found the majority of clients don’t need some tasks every single month (e.g. keyword research and content ideas) – so we’ve decided to give you back these tasks as credits.

For clients on lower-tier plans, SEO tasks are currently not included, but from the 1st of April, you’ll be able to access all of the tasks on the support menu.

You can use your credits to ask us to perform any task. If you’d like some fresh content ideas for your blog, just ask! If you’d like some new keyword research to make sure you’re focusing your efforts in the right places, we’re on it. Written a blog for us to optimise? Sure thing. Or maybe you haven’t got any new content to get over to us, but you do wanna tweak some product images instead.

The point is you’re only using credits on the things you actually need each month.

If you’d like us to still perform recurring tasks for you each month, that’s totally fine! We can automatically put aside your credits for these tasks – just let us know what you want us to complete regularly.

Read the full breakdown of what’s included in our new website maintenance plans for 2024.

Why do I need to submit my website maintenance through a form?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had a lot of shy “I’m not sure if this something you can help with?” messages. The very best thing about our new request form is that you get to see a menu of everything we can do for you. There’s so much on there! Give it a go and you’ll see.

We’ve also found the odd task gets lost in WhatsApp/email inboxes now and then. When you submit via the form, each task will have its own ticket. We’ve got a bunch of you here now and we want to make sure everyone is properly looked after 💖

Can I still use WhatsApp?

Of course! WhatsApp support isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be here for all the WhatsApp support you need. We can chat back and forth and then when you’ve got an *official* request just submit it through the form and it’ll automatically slot itself onto our to-do list.

Is website hosting still included?

Yep! Website hosting is still included in website maintenance plans for any of our website design clients. You won’t see this on the updated service page because we’re opening up our website maintenance plans to anyone with a website – you don’t have to be a web design or web hosting client to join [tell ya website-owning pals 😉]

What happens next?

You don’t need to do anything. We’ll transfer you over to the new website maintenance plans from 1st of April 2024 and you can start using your credits. 

You can begin submitting requests via this form whenever you are ready. Or just shoot me an email if you like to chat about your plan.

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