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Logo Design Manchester

Do you ever look at your visuals and feel like they’re just not quite *right*? If you’re unclear on your brand’s style and how to get that professional look – we can help you with our logo design and branding services in Manchester and the North West.

 Your logo design is the cornerstone of your brand identity, so it’s important you have the carefully curated design that you deserve! Our  logo and branding designer will help you delve into the ‘whys and whos’ of your business, so you can use the perfect combination of type, colour and visuals to connect with your people.

But, your brand is so much more than just your logo design—and that’s why we work on your logo as part of our signature offeringBrimful of Branding™. Our Manchester based collective make sure you gain complete clarity on your visual identity, so you can say goodbye wasting time going around in circles in Canva!

Take your brand identity to the next level with logo design and Brimful of Branding™ today.

Logo Design and Branding Packages

Brand Identity Design

Show your dream clients what you’re all about with Brand Identity Design created to communicate your values and purpose.

from £3,000

Brand Identity Design and Photoshoot

Everything that’s included in personal branding photography package plus your logo design created by your designer

from £3,500

Bespoke Branding and Website Design

Whether you’re rebranding or want to get it right first time, our signature package includes everything you need to brand your business!

from £7,000

Logo Design Manchester Love

Logo Design Manchester

But I just want a logo, why do I need the whole package?

If you’ve found your way here because you’re looking for a simple logo design and you’re wondering why we’re talking to you about whole packages, we hear you. We don’t offer a ‘just a logo’ option, but don’t stress! What we’ve got is so much better.

Your branding needs to communicate your values, showcase your personality and what makes you different. It’s not possible to do this with just a logo! Of course your logo is part of what makes up your branding, but you’ve also got your imagery, tone of voice, any illustrations you might use and your colour palette. What about your website? Everything works together to help your dream clients fall in love with you!

Our Manchester based collective of designers and photographers have developed our signature offering, Brimful of Branding™, to bring you everything you could possibly need when branding your business. We create your branding, photos and your website – with full access to all of our training modules and workbooks. Leaving you with total confidence in how your business looks online and knowing you’re connecting with the people that really matter.

If you’ve got logo and branding questions, use the form below,  or hit the button to start filling up your cup with branding goodness.

Logo Design Manchester

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