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When Nat (Founder of Optimal Period) got in touch with us, we erupted in giddy yipeeeees. To say this project was a dreamy one for us is an absolute understatement. We are deeply passionate about all things periods and are very open about the subject – something Nat found other branding and designers struggled with so we really are the perfect fit!

About Optimal Period

Optimal Period help women and girls optimise their performance in sport, work and day to day life by helping them understand and work with their menstrual cycle rather than it working against them. Nat is working to change perceptions of the menstrual cycle and providing increased awareness and knowledge for everyone to increase comfort and confidence in talking about and managing menstrual-related symptoms.

Optimal Period’s USP

Dr Natalie Brown is highly knowledgeable in the area and has a doctorate to support her expertise as well as having her research published. Nat’s interest in climbing helps your audience relate to Optimal Period, connecting up with the perspective of outdoor exercise/adventure. 

Optimal Period’s Branding Goals

Optimal Period aims to create real societal change, where everyone feels comfortable talking about periods. Nat wants the menstrual cycle to be considered in sports as any other factor of training is, with female athletes not having to fight against or ‘get on’ with it but being empowered to understand and manage their symptoms. A large aspect of this will be education and resources designed for coaches, athletes, teachers, school children and the wider population.

Here’s what Nat said about her period branding and website design project…

Amazing! I had been stuck where to even start with creating a website for my work, including branding, content – it felt super overwhelming and a huge task. I had a couple of meetings with our businesses that just didn’t get what I wanted but also who I was and felt they were creating a website for them rather than me. Luckily following an initial google search I came across That’s Her Business and what a life savour it was. Everyone I worked with from website to copy, branding, photos – they were all amazing. Extremely supportive and listened to my needs with a clear timeline and process to follow. Everyone helped with translating my ideas into reality working with branding and design, how the website would work and what content would reach my target audience. That’s Her Business were unbelievably skilled and experts in their area which made this process not only easy but enjoyable along the way. I couldn’t believe how easy they made coordinating all of these areas and gave me confidence in what I was producing…they pushed me way further than I could ever have imagined and I LOVE the result they created

Nat is signed up for our WordPress hosting and opts to maintain and update the Optimal Period website herself using our easy-to-follow WordPress training videos and the intuitive drag-and-drop Elementor Pro builder.

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