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Using h1 headings on your website

Using H1 headings on your webpage

Your webpage will have different headings to help your users navigate through your pages as easily as possible. There are 6 different types of headings that you can use on your website, they are labeled H1 through H6.

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7 business women you need on your team - brand personality queens

Brand personality queens: 7 business women you need on your team

We have searched far and wide to assemble the ultimate team of female branding specialists who are based in the North-West. So look no further, if you are building a brand and feel like you are missing something, I can almost guarantee that you will find that missing piece somewhere in the list below. Let’s get cracking…

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Getting started with SEO: Audit, Keywords and Optimising -

Getting Started: Audit, Keywords and Optimising

You’ve decided to try and kickstart your website by getting your SEO nailed? Great! One of the first things you are going to need to do is get an idea of what kind of shape your website is in right now. Find out how here.

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