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Website feeling a bit ‘off’ but don’t know where to start? An SEO Starter Audit will tell you exactly what you need to know. And guess what? As an SEOyourself subscriber, you get £50 off yours… Get in.

Maybe you launched a year or two ago, but you’re just not seeing enough people heading to your website and clicking buy. Or, you’ve DIYed to a point, and you need an expert eye to help you figure out what’s not clicking. 

An SEO Starter Audit is the perfect place to begin when it comes to tackling your website’s search presence. You’ll know the exact issues holding you back from search engine success and what to tweak to start moving forwards – as well as the most valuable keywords to focus on.

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SEO Starter Audit

We’ll tell you exactly what’s holding you back from search engine success as well as the ten main keywords to focus on to get more eyes on your website.

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SEO Starter Audit FAQs

An SEO Starter Audit is £150 and you’ll pay in advance when you book your slot.

You’ll save £50 on the price of your audit with your referral credit and it will be applied automatically at checkout.

It really depends on your website and it’s content but here are the things that come up most often in SEO audits….

  • Broken links / 404 status
  • Missing H1 tags
  • Low word count
  • Missing meta info
  • Duplicate meta info
  • Title tag issues
  • Pages blocked from search engines
  • Poorly optimised URLs
  • Sitemap issues
  •  Pages with slow loading time
  • + more

We’re not here to pile a tonne of work on your plate. Simply click book and answer a few questions – that’s it. We’ll send over your audit and you can use the extra time to work on what you do best….. or put your feet up! You don’t even need to be available at the time of your booking. If there is anything important you’d like us to know (e.g. you’re adding a new service soon) before going ahead with your website audit just give us a shout! 

Nope! SEO audits are virtual. You don’t need to visit us on the day (or even be available at the time you choose).

No, you’re totally free to go about your day-to-day and we’ll let you know when your website audit is complete and the results are ready to view. After we’re done, you’re welcome to ask any questions and take advantage of the email support included in your package, but there’s never a rush to get back to us – we get you’re busy running your business and doing what you do best. 

1-3 hours – we usually have a few audits booked in so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us at the time of your booking. We’re working on your audit and will be in touch with your results before the end of the day.

Yes! If you’ve DIYed your website we’ll give you an easy-to-action list of updates. Some SEO issues are slightly more complex than quick design changes, but when it’s relevant, we’ll throw in links to handy resources so you’ve got the info you need to make any changes.

If you didn’t create your website yourself, your updates will still be easy enough to implement if your web designer has given you training to update content yourself. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to pass the audit PDF to your web designer so they can help you.

No time? No worries. Let us update your website while you sit back and relax! At the end of the website audit we’ll send you a special no-obligation offer to make the changes for you.

Absolutely. Fixing SEO issues is fairly straight forward once you know where to look! We’ll link to any relevant resources with your checklist and we’ll also be on hand via email after your audit if you get stuck at any point.