Sick of Instagram? Let’s do an audit of your website instead.

sick of insta? let's do an audit of your website instead

I’m not the first to say it and I’m sure I won’t be the last – Instagram is shafting small business owners right now.

If you’re sick of being told to create reels and *original content* and getting nothing but silence back (the crickets pissed off to TikTok long ago). This is for you. 

Put your phone down. I mean it, step away from the ‘gram. You know who could use all that creative finger action instead? YOUR WEBSITE.

So, you’re largely DIY and your website gives you the ick. You could keep it in maintenance mode, doomed to collect internet dust forever. Or, you could use this Instagram downtime to improve things. Because…

You do not need to be a designer to create a website that works.

AND the possible return on the time you spend on your website is much higher than time spent on Instagram. Much MUCH higher.

I’m like you. Every now and again I make a plan and promise myself I’ll get back into regular blogging and then I just… don’t. It sits in the back of mind, ready to guilt trip me every time my anxiety is high and I’ve got a hundred other things to be worrying about. 

BUT I also know you don’t need to redesign your whole website or dedicate weekly time to writing blogs to make an improvement and increase conversions.

All you need is a few hours.

Two years ago I wrote one blog in an afternoon on NatWest’s funding program – Back Her Business. Women searching for the program on Google were starting new businesses and needed support. Sure, they were mainly looking for funding but they also needed branding and a website too…. hi 👋

It didn’t get tonnes of hits on Google (around 40-50 per month if I remember correctly) but the audience was specific and I had unique insight to share – I went through the program myself and raised £9,652.

Last year the majority of our clients came through that one blog I wrote in a few hours.

I created something that increased brand awareness month on month. The blog isn’t special and I’m certainly not a master copywriter. It didn’t even directly sell to them. I simply helped get our brand in front of the right eyes and encourage them to keep moving through our website.

Once you have eyes on, make sure your info is as easy to consume as possible!

Let’s do an audit of your website.

Focus on the customer journey – what are they actually looking for? Are you giving it to them? Use headings and legible fonts (get gone brush fonts… please). Include Calls To Action – tell people where you want them to go next! Do some keyword research and write a blog based on what people are searching for.

You could do all that in one afternoon.

Compare that time with creating content for the ‘gram that’s forgotten about in less than 24hrs? Or if you’re anything like me… sitting around with a blank brain and ending up scrolling the day away watching dogs press buttons. You know the ones that talk? 🥹

Yes, Instagram is a useful tool to send people to your website – we all use it. But, if you’re looking for a better way to spend your time right now instead of banging your head against the wall of low engagement that the Zuck and his minions are throwing at us…

Your website is craving your attention!

Clean things up AND focus on getting a few main keywords into your content… and you won’t *need* to rely on Instagram so heavily. Music to our ears, right?

Let me know if you’re scheduling some time for some good website loving soon?

Much love and happy Friday xx

P.S. If you want an easy-to-action checklist of ways you can improve your website in an afternoon – specifically tailored to YOU – CLICK HERE
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