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Nail down your message, get visible, and show off your authentic self with stand out branding and website design packages.

Mock up of That's Her Business client Shelley's website after choosing the Brimful of Branding website design package
Here’s the deal: you’ve got an epic new business you can’t wait to showcase on the world stage, but there’s just one problem… DIY’ing it isn’t helping you become the sell-out event you deserve. 

Let’s try to read your mind right now:

The branding. The website. The personal branding photographs. The copy. The. whole. shebang.

Did we read right?

Well, the good news is you really can have it all with That’s Her Business branding and website design packages. And you no longer have to feel like you never want to look at a keyboard or mouse pad again. Hurrah!

We get you. And each one of us has been in your shoes.

Either not having the branding collateral that lights us up, images that makes us feel like the shizz, a website that looks and works like a dream, and words that make us feel all the feels. 

I mean let’s just say we were all pretty glad to have met each other and helped lift our businesses up to new heights. And that’s exactly how we want you to feel about us too! 

Because by working with us you can:


Brimful of Branding™

All-in, singing and dancing branding and website design packages for small business

Welcome to the freelance web design collective in Manchester UK offering website design packages and branding services

Brimful of Branding™ Website Design Packages

What's in the box?

Our signature Brimful of Branding™ website design packages have been created so you can enjoy the process and attract clients that align with your core values - without jumping on other people’s Canva templates or needing to learn how to code. Phew!

Branding design




Brand Strategy
Copy and Content
Training and ongoing support

Extras can be added to your package including, but certainly not limited to – additional photoshoot locations, collateral design (think flyers, business cards and stationery), or extra pages on your website.

How much do branding and website design packages cost?

Whether you’re an amateur (or maybe even professional!) copywriter who’s ready to nail your brand messaging, or you’d prefer every last little bit of your project done for you, we can’t wait to support you.

Brimful of Branding™
(DIY your own copy)

from £7,000

Let us create your branding, photography and website – all you have to do is send us the content.

You’re not totally alone! You’ll have a 1:1 to get started and time to hunker down and fill in your workbooks. We’ve got Finding Your Tone of Voice and DIY Your Web Copy for you to chew on.

pay in full at the start of your project or select one of our monthly payment options below

Brimful of Branding™
+ Killer Copy Add-On

from £10,000

Everything that’s included in Brimful of Branding™ but, and this is a big but, we’ll write your copy for you. How’s that for a load off your mind?

You’ll get longer 1:1 copy calls and a copywriter in your pocket to masterfully craft your brand messaging. We’ll even throw in room for tweaks and finessing. A truly stress-free branding experience!

pay in full at the start of your project or select one of our monthly payment options below

I want to be a part of the girl gang but I’d love to spread the cost… can you help?

Yes! Cash flow can be tricky business. To make things easier for you, you can spread the cost across 3, 6, or 9 months depending on your project.

Brimful of Branding™ Website Design Packages

How does it work?

Prep Work

Booking your project in advance gives you plenty of time to complete the all-important prep work before we begin our creative work. We’ll start with your one-hour brand strategy 1:1 with Gemma which builds a great foundation for the rest of our work together. You’ll also gain access to our client portal to stay on track and see where we’re up to.

Next, you’ll Find Your Tone Of Voice, DIY Your Web Copy and Create Your Lead Magnet, so once we get started creating the website you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll already have everything you need… all carefully created with the people you love to work with in mind!

 You’ll have the space to take a deep dive into your brand, and using our workbooks to walk you through the steps, you’ll find the brand clarity you’re craving. And, we’ll be on hand for WhatsApp, Zoom and email support as your personal cheerleaders along the way.

WEEK 1 - 2

Based on what we discover about your brand’s story during the prep work, your branding designer will begin visualising the creative direction for your brand. We’ll send you a mood board centred around your values, personality, and dream clients. You may fall in love at first sight, or there may be some further development to get it looking tip top. Enjoy the process!

The beginning of your project is also the time for your personal branding photoshoot with Cassandra. A shoot full of laughs will see you showcasing your brand’s personality with plenty of images to use across your website and social media.

WEEK 3 - 4

Cassandra will edit and deliver your images, while we work to develop your branding further. You’ll have a complete selection of brand assets including print and web ready logo files, social media graphics, lead magnet and your Branding Blueprint™ guide.

WEEK 5 - 6

With your images and newly designed branding in hand, Gemma will begin creating your new website (wahoo!), so you can feel truly confident in how your business looks online. We’ll make sure the customer journey works seamlessly via your website and there’ll be time for feedback, tweaks, and testing before the big launch date!

WEEK 7 - 8

It’s time to get your party pants on and go live! Let’s start attracting and booking those clients. After you’ve launched, you’ll receive your website training, so you know exactly how to update your website when you need to. And we make sure you have everything you need to keep building your brand and showcasing how amazing you are.


After your project is complete and your new website is launched, we’ll stick around for one month of voice message support via WhatsApp. You can ask us anything about your project and we’ll hold your hand while you’re learning the ropes of WordPress and Elementor. You’ll also have the option to continue to work with us for regular content updates and general maintenance of your website, or if you feel confident to do it yourself, we’ll be cheering you on!

Why clients love our website design packages...

Cass, Gemma and Ellie from the freelance web design collective That's Her Business. These three work together with copywriter Amy to create branding and website design packages for women in business.

Who are we? (Who, who, who, who, who?)

Drum roll pleaseeee……! We are That’s Her Business – a multi-award winning collective born and bred in the North of England to empower women and service-based businesses across the globe through branding and web design.   

Nothing beats collaboration and by working with us you get the best of all worlds. We each run our own business in our area of expertise, we absolutely LOVE what we do, and we’ve perfected our crafts so that when we come together, all the pieces fit seamlessly. 

But what does that mean for you?


Branding and website design packages for women is what we do, day in, day out. We live and breathe this stuff (and we dream about it too!) With the Brimful of Branding package, you get the best bits from each of our businesses, plus we all work together to achieve one common goal – to help you stop wasting time trying to DIY allllll the things and gift you the branding and website of your dreams. 

Everything we do echoes our values and our mission is to give every female entrepreneur clarity and confidence. Clarity on who they are, what matters most to them, and how they can serve. And confidence in themselves, their brand, their offerings, and ultimately, putting themselves out there.

From your very first call with us, to your website going live, we’re with you every step of the way. And we don’t just offer a ‘done for you’ package and send you off on your merry way. We put the steps in place first AND then teach you what we know, so you can use our skills going forward without feeling like a deer in headlights everytime you open up your laptop. 

The best part? The process is a bunch of fun and we make sure you enjoy it and feel empowered to create something that feels just like you. Wahoo!

Brimful of Branding™ Website Design Packages

Not sure if Brimful of Branding is the answer to all your prayers?

This is for you if:

This ISN’T for you if:

More client love songs...

Brimful of Branding™ Website Design Packages

Got questions?

If you’re ready to start planning your launch then, yes, abso-freakin-lutely! You’ll have plenty of time to polish your idea before going live, and our prep work is ideal for helping you figure out what you want to do and why, before we then help you communicate this to your tribe!

Yes, you’re the expert in your business – and we’re the experts in branding it. We’ll work together to learn what it is that makes your business (and your people) tick, and turn it into the brand and website of your dreams.

Ok, we know running a business includes doing ALL OF THE THINGS – but we think you’ll have time for this. It’s easy to complete, it’s fun, and it’s going to help you stop spinning your wheels. We’re currently booking clients up to 2 months in advance, which means there’s plenty of time for you to pop the kettle on and complete the prep work.

Girl, no way! We love Insta as much as the next person but get this, you don’t own Instagram. That’s an issue for so many reasons – mainly because you can’t customise it anywhere near as much as you can a website… everybody’s page looks the same. Now imagine what would happen if you built your brand on Insta and you woke up tomorrow to find it was down? Worse still, what if the powers that be take it away for good? Anyone remember MySpace? As a female entrepreneur you absolutely need a website because it’s YOUR corner of the internet – the place where your audience sees you, and only you.

Yes! We combine Elementor, a drag and drop tool for web design, with aftercare support and tutorials. We’ve got you, and we’re not letting go. You’ll be able to reach us for any questions too – put the kettle on and fire up Zoom!

Nope, we’re completely transparent with our pricing. Like with all website design packages, there are some additional things to purchase in your name (so you’re the official owner) and these include your domain, ongoing website hosting, an Adobe Express subscription and any commercial font licences. We’ll send you full details of your investment in a proposal, and if you’re feeling extra, we’ve got a list of optional goodies for you too.

When YOU are at the centre of your business and brand, personal branding shots are crucial. Your happy smiling face is going to bridge the gap from screen to client so that you can connect with your audience on a deeper level. We know standing in front of a camera isn’t everyone’s favourite thing in the world BUT Cassandra is going to make you feel at ease. She’ll come prepped with her creative shot list, so all you have to do is smile and relax. You’ll enjoy 90 minutes of chats and giggles, and you’ll be wondering when you can book the next one. Seriously, we’re talking from experience here.

We’re based in Manchester and the North West but work remotely for everything we do except the photoshoots. You are ALWAYS welcome to come and join us here, photoshoot booked or not! If you’re a bit of a home bird or you’ve got a stylish new office you’d prefer to show off, wahey it’s a THB road trip! There are some minor additional costs for travel outside of Manchester, so just mention this during your consultation, and we can start planning our girls day out with you.

You sure can – check out our web design only packages and website in a week service. 

Cassandra Lane Photography smiling and looking at her camera. Our website design packages include personal branding photography with Cass in Manchester.

It’s time to be yourself in business with a brand and website package that oozes personality.

Because once you’ve launched your website and put yourself out there in the world, you’ll: 

Brimful of Branding™ Website Design Packages

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