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How to dance like a dickhead, swear like a trooper…. and still get paid*

*Dancing and swearing are not compulsory. You do you.

But first, does this sound like you…

natwest back her business brand personality coaching for female entrepreneurs

Spice Up Your *Business* Life 🌶❤️‍🔥

Brand Personality coaching Intensive 90 min 1:1 with Gemma

Hey there, fellow female founder! I see you and I know you’re doing BIG things. But maybe you’re feeling totally UNseen. And it’s time to change that.

Because you no longer have to feel like you can’t put your full personality on display. You no longer have to lack clarity on how to shine online. And you no longer have to worry about attracting the wrong people… because it’s time to be 100% yourself, wahooo!

And that’s why this 90 minute intensive is Just. For. You.

How does it work?

I’ll look at your website and socials and assess what’s going on right now. We’ll talk about your own personality and dive into what you bring to the business table. And then? We’ll put a plan in place for how you can harness who you are and walk away with the confidence to build a brand with personality.

Here’s the lowdown of what we’ll do during our brand personality coaching 90min intensive:

PLUS you’ll also get access to our tried and tested Brand Clarity eBook + Workbook that you can keep forever and come back to time and time again! 

£250 Investment

Why us?

Because this is what we do. Branding for women is our bread and butter – and we love it.  But most of all? We make it our mission to understand you and your business so you can showcase your personality and bring your vision to life.

Now sing it with us...

When you're feelin' sad and low, We will take you where you gotta go. Smilin', dancin', everything is free. All you need is….. Personality!

Disclaimer: We obvs didn’t write these lyrics! Aaand if you didn’t know that already, we might not be the best fit to work together. Just sayin’ 😉

Ready for brand personality coaching? All we need to know now is…

Are you ready to learn how to be more yourself and less everyone else to bring in clients that literally set your heart on fire with the power of personality?