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When Shelley first got in touch with us she mentioned that she had tried lots of styles on her social media profiles but never quite found anything that ‘felt like her’. Shelley loves community and connecting people and she wanted to bring together this part of her business while encompassing her friendly personality and love of fun, so she opted to create her hairdresser website with our Brimful of Branding™ service.

Like most of our clients, Shelley also needed her brand to have longevity and the potential for growth. Ellie began with the creative direction for the brand and brought together a strong colour palette to demonstrate the quality in Shelley’s hair and teeth whitening services.

Next, Cass took Shelley to the centre of Manchester for her personal branding shoot. They had a fantastic time together and Shelley has a bank of images that are friendly and inviting.

With branding guide and images in hand, Gemma then took to the website. Shelley opted to come into the studio and we chatted about everything from the customer journey through the website to Shelley’s favourite images. Using our DIY Your Copy workbook, Shelley got to work writing her own content and Gemma put together a first draft including a booking page and place for clients to leave their feedback.

The finished result is a warm welcome and cohesive experience for Shelley’s clients… and Shelley is pleased she made the investment in a hairdresser website!

When Shelley launched The Salon’s website she opted for our WordPress hosting services, and when we launched our Tech Support WordPress Maintenance Support plans she signed up for monthly maintenance and content updates with us. However, in 2023 it was time for Shelley to take her teeth whitening business full time and we have since said goodbye to The Salon’s website. We loved working with Shelley and we’re mega excited to see what happens next!

Here’s what Shelley said about her hairdresser website and branding

“I just wanted to tell you all how grateful I am that we came together and created the brand for the Salon. Seeing it come to life this week just really made me feel incredibly grateful! You were all amazing, thank you so so much – it was the best decision ever to invest into.”

Friendly / Inviting / Supportive / Trustworthy / Quality

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