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how i crowdfunded £9,652 with back her business

If you’ve been following on socials, you’ll know That’s Her Business entered the Crowdfunder UK Bring It 2020 competition. I was to crowdfund myself first and then the judges would decide who received additional funding.

At around 3 pm today, I was beginning work on a new client website from the comfy stay-at-home-sofa-office and decided to stick live-action The Lion King on in the background to see what if it was any good. Yeah, I know it’s weird to watch TV and work, but I like it.

Around the start of ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King,’ I received an email from Anna at Crowdfunder.

The email said the judges were impressed with my campaign, and I had won £5,000 in prize funds.

I was, and still am, completely shocked.

That’s Her Business won the Bring It 2020 Silver Award, giving us an additional £5,000 funding from NatWest Back Her Business.

It’s sunk in (a little) now and I wanted to come here to say thank you.

I am so grateful for the opportunity and thankful for all of you lovely people that invested in my business. I really would not be in this lucky position without you!

I raise my gin and tonic to you this evening and to all of the 25 finalists too. Cheers everyone!

Still have no idea what The Lion King was like, but there’s plenty of time for that these days.

Here is an image from the day we shot the interview video, and I was a nervous heap thinking “how the hell can I do this?” – well, guess what? I did it.

Gemma Thirsk, That's Her Business Founder at the start of running her Crowdfunder campaign.
Gemma Thirsk, Founder of That’s Her Business

I’ll post an update soon with some notes from my Bring It 2020 experience and how I am using the winnings to help empower women in business.

We did it: On 3rd April 2020 we successfully raised £9,652 with 83 supporters in 27 days.

View the full Crowdfunder UK Campaign here.

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