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Hey, Personality Queen!

It’s time to feel the beat from the tambourine and get seen with branding and web design in Manchester.

Have no fear – That’s Her Business is here… which can only mean one thing. It’s time to move out of the background and step into the spotlight!

Cass, Gemma and Ellie from the freelance web design collective That's Her Business. These three work together with copywriter Amy to create branding and website design packages for women in business.

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Brimful of Branding™

all-in branding and web design in Manchester

Are you ready to down tools, launch your website and start booking clients, instead of wasting all your time trying to DIY and ultimately ending up with giant holes in the wrong places? 

No more jumping on other people’s Canva templates, using selfies from your iPhone, or attempting to learn how to code. Our signature Brimful of Branding package has been created just for you, so you can actually enjoy the process and call in clients that make your heart sing!

Think logo, socials, website, photography, and copy – all done for you. Pretty good, right?


Website Glow Up ✨

Audit of your website

DIY website hitting some bum notes? You need an expert eye to help you figure out what’s sending you off key.

Tackle your SEO and learn the steps to quickly transform your website with better design and usability by booking an audit of your website right here.

Spice Up Your *Business* Life 🌶❤️‍🔥

Brand Personality Coaching 90 min 1:1

Ready to learn how to be more yourself and less everyone else to bring in those ‘perfect fit’ clients who have you hitting the high notes in your business? This intensive 90 minute 1:1 is for you. 

Together we’ll look at your website and socials and dive into what makes you…you! Then, we’ll make a plan for how you can harness who you are into your business so you can walk away with the confidence to build a brand with personality. 

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Website Design Manchester

Your dream website? Composed just for you at our HQ in Manchester. As your business’s online shop window, your website needs strategic (and enticing!) design for mobiles, tablets and desktops, so you can speak to the clients you really want. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

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