Why set up a blog? 10 reasons why you should start blogging in 2023

why set up a blog in 2023? Do I really need to blog?

Just because that one blog you wrote when you first launched your website is sitting around collecting dust, doesn’t mean blogging isn’t a valuable tool for your business!

I hear you. You’re already sick of churning out Instagram content or hopping on the next TikTok trend. Why set up a blog as well?

If you’re keen on getting more visible online and signing more clients you love, here are 10 reasons why you should set up a blog this year….

Why set up a blog in 2023?

Position yourself as the expert

Pick a subject or a niche and educate your readers. The more free knowledge you dish out, the quicker you’ll become the go-to person for tips and advice in your industry. You become “the expert”. You’ll build trust in your business and people will want to know, if this is what they can get for free, what will happen if they pay you?!

Learn new skills

Personally, I love writing but (until blogging) it’s only really been something I’ve done for me. I’ve never really had a reason to my hone my skills. Blogging for work helps you improve your writing skills – and speed! You’ll learn how to engage people with your words and what you enjoy writing about most. You may even try your hand at something a bit meatier one day… did someone say memoir?!

Build your digital brand

As you’re perfecting your new writing skills, you’ll also develop your own voice. Your brand voice is what makes you sound like you… and you become recognisable by your content. When thinking about setting up a blog, decide how you want your brand voice to come across. What kind of personality are you putting out into the world? Do you want to be a supportive best friend type or more of a professional corporate kinda guy? When readers hear your voice they’ll get a feel of what it’s like to work with you.

Generate content ideas

Ok, you’re probably thinking “but don’t I have to come up with content ideas to blog?” and sure, that is true…. But you can easily recycle your blog content into multiple social media posts. I wrote a post about the 5 lessons I learned from 5 years in business and I’m currently turning it into 10 Instagram posts. Yes, 10!! So, would you rather come up with one blog post idea or 10 posts for your socials?

Give yourself something creative to do

Next to no subjects exist that haven’t been covered from every angle – and that’s just on Reddit. Honestly, I laughed to myself as I googled “can you take sourdough starter on a plane” yesterday, thinking who has the time to answer this question for daft people like me? I was shocked to find it’s a widely discussed subject online with many in-depth articles. But don’t be put off! Finding new ways to talk about your industry is a wildly creative task. And it’s satisfying as hell when the words start pouring out of you.

Document your days

We mostly sum up our lives online with a fleeting snapshot of a moment that disappears after 24 hours. Your blog is the perfect place to document what your day-to-day looks like in a long-form warts and all style. Your readers get a behind-the-scenes view that they can really connect with… and don’t forget you’ll be able to read your old blogs and see how far you’ve come!

Get found on Google

People search online literally billions of times a day. More than 8.5 billion searches every day (Internet Live Stats, 2022) in fact. That’s a BIG number. If you answer questions people are searching for on your blog, and just a fraction of those people find their way to your website, you’ll boost your website views through the roof. And I don’t need to tell you what happens if a fraction of those people actually buy what you’re selling.

Bring more visitors to your website… and turn them into paying clients

Once you’ve got more eyes on your website through all those expert articles you’re writing on the most asked questions, you can use your brand voice to connect with your readers and encourage them to learn more about what you do. Your blog is an excellent place to link to other articles you’ve written and products or services you’ve got an offer to start turning your readers into paying clients!

Bring in extra money!

Why set up a blog on your website? Well, as well as increasing brand awareness and signing extra clients – you can also earn extra cash for doing not a lot of extra work. Make extra dosh by displaying adverts on your blog and adding links to your favourite brands with affiliate marketing programs. Use your writing skills to put together digital products like an ebook or course that you can sell online. Or, if you get enough website traffic you can even get paid to write sponsored content. 

It’s good fun and great for your mental health

Finally, blogging is cathartic. It’s like digital journaling but with the added thrill of sharing it online for the world to see. Like going to the supermarket in your undies… in a weirdly empowering way? It’s the perfect way to spend time on your own without overthinking every last thought running around your mind. Blogging allows you to get stuff out of your head and it’s a way to connect with people from all over the world at the same time. Cheers to blogging!

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