Website maintenance plans

Need a website sitter? 🐶

Websites are like dogs. I know I know, just go with it, ok?

Everyone swears when they finally get a hella cute website they’ll take care of her properly – and definitely walk her every day.

But then it’s pissing it down and you only got 4 hours sleep last night and you’re due on and you think “it’ll be ok if I miss it just this one time, right?”

Next thing she’s chewed right through your fav Irregular Choice boots and you’re hormonal scream crying into the last Creme Egg [may or may not be based on real life events]. 

No one wants a website that chews their metaphorical boots. 

Websites are needy pets that crave regular care to stay the cute, eat-up-all-the-attention, lil guys they are. And guess what?! We love dogs! And websites. But also dogs.

Give your website all the love it deserves with monthly maintenance and avoid those unexpected vet(?) bills. 

Ok, I’m losing it. Going for the strong finish…

Let us scoop and bag your website poop. Nailed it. 

need an audit of your website?

On top of all the general website maintenance stuff you simply never get around to doing, each plan comes with a credit or three you can use to bribe us with.

1 credit covers a task that takes up to 30 mins and we’ll do any of the following:

Website Maintenance for your small business, by our small business 💖

Looking for website maintenance? Or just fancy having someone on hand for tech support? We offer a website hosting package or a handy ongoing website maintenance plans so you can keep your website online and up to date, even if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

Use your credits to take advantage of our tech nerds to make monthly design and content changes or improvements, e.g. swap images, upload your latest blog or add a new service.

our website maintenance plans:

Core Care ⚙️

1 credit

Add more credits for £49 per credit

£49 per month

Website Wizardry 🪄

3 credits

Add more credits for £33 per credit

£99 per month
Save 33%

Beyond Brilliance ✨

5 credits

Add more credits for £27 per credit

£135 per month
Save 45%

1 credit = 1 task up to 30 mins. Month to month subscription, cancel anytime. T&Cs apply.

We also offer a basic website hosting package that includes 10gb of web space, 10k visits monthly, backups, free email accounts and other speed and security features.

need an audit of your website?

Keeping your website updated with fresh and relevant content is key to search engine optimisation

Website love from our clients

Website maintenance for WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify and more

Need a website care plan? Let us help.

Let us know what kind of monthly support you’d like and we’ll get back to you very soon (or click here for general enquiries). We can’t wait to speak to you! 

Website Hosting and Maintenance FAQs

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation (don’t worry, it’s less complicated than it sounds).

The basic idea is you are trying to improve your website so that it ranks higher on a search engine’s results page… and gets more eyes on your products and services. Because, well, how often do you look past the first page when you Google something?

Gem covers this in her highlights here 📹

As small business owners, we don’t have loads of spare time for marketing. SEO is inbound – meaning the customers come to you.

Our 2 main sources of clients are referrals and Google. Both of which organically find their own way to us. And both self-select themselves as good fit clients as they experience our brand.  

That’s how we like to do things and that’s why we believe SEO is the super-tool of the small business owner. And with it’s super long lifespan, it’s the most affordable form of marketing in terms of money spent and effort invested. We might be biased, but we bloody love it.

SEOyourself is £10 per month and all payments are handled via Stripe. Payments are made automatically and you can manage your subscription at any time here.

When you sign-up for £10 per month, you’ll only ever pay £10 per month. 

Firstly, because nothing we send out is groundbreaking. All the info is freely available online. We simply know where to look and how to translate it into bite-sized pieces, and then send it straight to your inbox 🙏

Secondly, because we are already doing all the legwork for our Tech Support clients each month. So, we decided to bring it all together somewhere for the most affordable price we could in the form of SEOyourself.

Gem covers this in her highlights here 📹

Yep! Just because SEO sounds techy and complicated doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of it. Really

For the most part, SEO is simply improving your user’s experience. Making sure humans are having a good time when they’re using your website.

You might think it’s about jumping through hoops you don’t understand for Google… but it’s actually all about humans and the good news is… you’re human! So you’re a highly qualified candidate for the job. And we’ve got you covered with the what and when.

Absolutely. Making SEO improvements is fairly straightforward once you know where to look! We’ll link to any relevant resources and make sure we translate any jibberish jargon into easy-to-follow steps. 

Yes! Most on-page SEO recommendations apply to all types of businesses. We’ll also send out fresh content ideas for both service-based and product-based businesses.

Yes! Most on-page SEO recommendations apply to all types of businesses. We’ll also send out fresh content ideas for both service-based and product-based businesses.

SEO isn’t a quick fix – it takes time. It can take 3-6 months to start seeing results from your efforts.

The great news is SEO has a very long life span. So, the improvements you make last for a long time and tend to compound. We have a blog from 2020 that still brings in strong web design leads ❤️‍🔥

There’s no minimum term and you can cancel anytime. That just ain’t us ✋

Manage your subscription

You sure can! No hard feelings here. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you.

Manage your subscription

Ofc! It’s not a necessity but if you’d prefer a helping hand, we can support you as part of a one-off service or every month depending on what you’re looking for. 

We offer in-depth Website Audits or monthly SEO tasks for our Tech Support clients for ultimate consistency.